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Friday, August 12, 2011


I am almost reaching the starting point!!!!!
I am so excited,
I miss ah Mah and ah Bah...

The last time I called Ah bah, he drank a few tins.

He said to me :" Ah B, your mom always get worried every time you call back. But, i won't. Don't be scared, you can handle any problem you are facing. You have to be independent and you have to be strong like me. We all are supporting you in whatever you are doing."
Ah Bah, I love you. You always can make me stronger.
Ah Bah, I am improving. Yes, I am. :-)

Recently, I realized that my dream is not a target.
Dream will never ends, It's a way of living life.
I know if I improve the way I live my life,
my dreams will come true eventually.

Ah B!!!!!! Add oil!!!!!


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