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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Life granted us thousands way of living
We usually appreciate only a few
Life granted us thousands kind of happiness
We usually searching only a few
Pity on us....

My daughter is so much like me
She is now having fun in the middle of the sea alone
finding her own way of joy,
And i know she will join the kids beside her shortly

I am so much like my daughter
I am now sitting under a pine tree still lots of questions about the big big world,
Finding my own way of happiness,
And I know I will merge into my life again shortly

Life is much more beautiful than we can imagine
We always pro-see or predict things with our limited minds
Which bring us limited choices in solving problems

Some prone to let the emotion overwhelm themselves
Believing that emotion is the source of energy that moves a person....
That bring us a lot of unnecessary pressure too...

Life is much more beautiful than we can imagine at this moment...

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