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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Xing Fu

Xing Fu
will always by my side....
I know it will always accompany you too.....

Xiang Nian
contains the energy of resistance
Resistance between two dots
the inertia of moving forward

Meng Xiang
never comes true because it only exist in our mind
the moment it becomes real, it already turn into reality

Xing Yun
is the moment when I feel the Xing Fu of my Meng Xiang in reality
Xing Yun is also the moment when I am still able to Xiang Nian

Dear Sook Kuan,
Never feel pity on yourself
You are one of the luckiest in reality.
Never feel lonely when you are alone,
Since that moment, you never will.
Everyone is always here, why should I ask for more??

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